Occupied Streets by Heatherlee

Social media has allowed me to stay current with the Occupy Wall Street movement.
I visit We are the 99% every day to read more stories and see more progress.
I am inspired by reading We are the 1% as well.
The message is clear. Americans want to live in a society where we all have enough.
We want redistribution of wealth. We want equal rights. We want our American Dream back.

The stories I read have inspired me to keep a blog, as I sit and watch us Occupy Together from my home office. I may not be able to be out there marching, but this is my way of having a voice too. This is the art I’m inspired to make as I become a bigger part of a revolution in the making.


I believe in it now.

"Letting tax cuts for the top 2% expire as scheduled would pay down the debt by $700 billion over the next 10 years" — I used to have such different views. But now, after hearing directly from the 1%… I believe in this idea. For the same reason my family emigrated to this country.


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I’m part of the 1%. I signed on to www.patrioticmillionaires.org
Tax Me
I am the 1% and I stand with the 99%.
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I’m part of the 1%. I signed on to www.patrioticmillionaires.org
Tax Me
I am the 1% and I stand with the 99%.
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My family has accumulated and passed down wealth for generations. 
Because of this, I grew up with great health care, fantastic education, opportunities and travel.
All of these things should be available to everyone, not just the 1%.
I am the 1% and I stand with the 99%.
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I am a 27 year old veteran of the Iraq War.  I enlisted to protect the American people, but ended up making profits for politically-connected contractors.  I returned to a country whose economy had been devastated by bankers with the same connections and the same lack of ethics.  It might be cliche by now, but this is the second time I’ve fought for my country and the first time I’ve known my enemy.  I am the 99%.
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I’m 33 years old.
- I gave up all hope
- I have no future
- I live below the U.S. poverty line
- I have nothing left to lose but my chains
I’m the 99 percent
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I am 16 years old and have been sick as long as I can remember. I tried to kill myself because I was in too much pain and we couldn’t afford a hospital trip. My parents are the 99% and I may not live long enough to be.
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I don’t understand this 99% 1% shit. Like okay, there are a lot of people that are in your position.. Didn’t know this was like a pissing contest of who has it worse?

Not to mention the fact that her husband was “forced” to join the Army. Yeah, because someone was DEFINITELY holding a gun to his head while he signed those papers. I hate when people say shit like this. We have a voluntary military in this country, and if someone joins, they sure as hell were not forced to do so.

People just want somebody else to blame their problems on. Suck it up and realize YOU ruined your own life nobody else, and only YOU can make it better. So stop your pity party, get off tumblr and do something about it.

if he is in the army…why was she homeless? they shouldn’t be barely making it. i’m assuming if she is fighting for their lives, she has a job. so between their housing being paid for by the military, plus his paycheck, plus whatever she makes…? idk. i think people just bitch about nothing. if you are going to pay for college, don’t waste the money on something you won’t be able to use first of all. and honestly, don’t get into debt. exactly why i haven’t started school, i’m saving the money and between that and financial aid i will be able to start in the spring. i don’t feel bad for people like this.

I’M GOING TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST HERE when I say there is absolutely no reason for this. The military provides housing, so move into it. No, you don’t need a nice car, so trade that shit in. No, you don’t need an iphone, get yourself a fucking virgin mobile phone and cancel that shit. Want entertainment? Read a book. Want to eat? Cook. Want babies? Wait until you can afford one. Need a job? Use your spouse employment office on base. 
I’m sick and tired of hearing this shit from couples. No, our servicemen and women don’t get paid what they deserve, but you sure as hell get ENOUGH. Quit your bitching, get your ass up and hustle for a job! 

Wow, looks like there are a lot of people who share my sentiment. By the way, if you want money, go ask ignorantamericanmeme. He claims to be generous and to have a high IQ. He also highly favors welfare for the poor, so you know he likes the idea of giving away money to the poor. So if you need financial help, go message him now: http://ignorantamericanmeme.tumblr.com/ask
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We are a pair of twins who went to a community college and, through scholarships, got bachelors and masters degrees without debt. We were lucky then.
 One of us got a job teaching but was laid off. Two years laster she got a job teaching and went through emotional hell before leaving. She still wants to teach. One of us got a job as a substitute teacher and has worked there for years; everyone knows and loves her but she has yet to be given a full time job there despite several opportunities.
 For two years now we’ve been living off substitute paychecks while teachers are repeatedly encouraged to not take sick days, or to take their prep periods to cover someone else. The two of us were called in a grand total of 12 times last school year.
 We currently live with out parents and have cut out every conceivable cost we can think of: if we don’t have work, we sit at home in order to save money.
 And yet we will be out of money by the end of the year.
 We are the 99%, and we don’t know how much longer we can make our old paychecks last.